The Spir-O-Lizer is a die-cast, zinc alloy, solid blade centralizer designed to reduce torque and drag while running casing. The blade design will create turbulence promoting 360° cement coverage.



The BladeRunner ultimate friction reduction Spir-O-Lizer® is designed to reduce cased hole running drag and maximize open hole standoff efficiency. Low friction blade inserts will reduce as the liner is run through the previous casing string to expose the Spir-O-Lizer 360° blade form to aid running as the liner enters open hole. Low friction bands in the bore of the centralizer ensure extremely low start up torque when the liner is rotated during the cementing process.



The standard Expand-O-Lizer ‘Bow Spring’ range are hinged non-welded bow-spring centralizers designed to centralize in less demanding well-bore applications where rotation is not a requirement. The hinge allows the centralizer to be fitted on larger bore casing where weld-on connectors do not allow for a slip-on unit to be installed.

  • API certified – engineered and tested to exceed API 10 D
  • Low insertion & running forces
  • High restoring forces
  • Suitable for passing through well-bore / cased hole restrictions
  • High quality spring steel grade