PDC Directional Drill Bits

VAREL incorporates a set of dynamically optimized attributes within the PDC Drill Bit product line, offering a suite of value-driven solutions to common impediments seen in traditional drill bit performance.


Marksman PDC Directional Drill Bit series has been developed specifically for directional applications in oil and gas wells. Marksman has optimal ROP with maximized tool face control to deliver consistent yields regardless of the directional drive system. Utilizing bit to rock contact simulation software, customized tool face geometries allows directional solutions to be provided for any well program and lithology challenges.

  • Curve and lateral well bores
  • Any motor, rotary steerable and high-speed applications
  • Varying lithologies

VENOM™ Cutter Technology

The VENOM™ Cutter methodology identifies the right PDC cutter to solve the key challenges within the application. Using the right diamond and diamond shape helps eliminate risk and maximizes value. Ensuring the correct diamond attributes are emphasized is the key to delivering consistent and reliable performance while keeping the cutters sharp and engaged. Sharp cutters drill faster – ALWAYS!


The VENOM™ Cutter methodology identifies the right PDC cutter to solve the key challenges for the application. Key diamond attributes can be enhanced to better match the demanding need. By selecting the diamond blend that best suits the need, the cutter will stay sharper, longer.

  • Abrasion: Enhancing the abrasion attribute will target the hard sandstone and siltstone drilling environments. Higher diamond density Venom product keeps cutters sharp.
  • Impact: Impact damage can abruptly stop a successful run. Diamond that does not crack and, if it does crack, it does not expand helps keep the bit in the ground.
  • Thermally Stable: Focus on the thermal attribute allows cutters to endure higher temperatures for longer. This is a key for long runs with high friction heat generation due to the rock and parameters.
  • Cutting Efficiency: Modification of the physical shape of the cutter can enhance the cutting efficiency. This upgrade can allow for improved ROP and/or durability.
  • Shear Strength: If the strength of the cutter is not able to handle the combination of rock interaction and application, the bit will fail quickly and premature trips happen. Matching this attribute to the need makes for consistent bit runs.

CASEBIT - Casing While Drilling Bit


CASEBIT is designed to get your string to bottom every time using applied technologies. From PDC drill bit technology to flexible manufacturing technology, this product eliminates the need for a second trip and ensures uninhibited delivery and positioning of the casing string to bottom every time. Computer balanced cutting structure design, cutter wear modeling, and computational fluid analysis complete the package of CASEBIT to provide a custom formation designed casing bit for your specific application.

  • Casing or liner while drilling.
  • Running casing or liner to bottom with CASEBIT as a casing shoe.
  • Vertical or directional wells.
  • Soft to medium hard formations.
  • For any RPM application.